Thirteen Chilean providing companies will export aquaculture products and services to Perú

Chile: under the wing of Corfo and ProChile, Chilean providing companies of aquaculture products and services will actively take part in the growing aquaculture market in Peru.

To dare and take the first step into the exportation business of aquaculture products and services, as well as positioning your company in the Peruvian aquaculture market is the key to success, said Jorge Jana, sales representative for Saut, a company that specialises in automation of systems for the aquaculture industry.

Through Corfo’s program “Exports Node of Aquaculture Services to Peru, Corfo”, Saut and other twelve companies of the Los Lagos Region, will benefit and have full support to strengthen the necessary competitions in order to satisfy the exporting process.

The following list names the thirteen companies involved:

  • CCS
  • Consultora Ecos Servicios
  • Fish vet Group
  • Representacion y Comercializacion Sur Solutions
  • Acuicolas
  • Agua Tecnologia
  • Proyecto Automatizacion
  • Fishing Partners
  • Veterinary Histopathologico
  • Gestion Acuicola
  • e Inversiones IRC
  • Productos y Servicios
  • Luxmeter Energy

“This initiative is looking to promote diversification and sophistication of Chile’s economy, identifying opportunities in the technological and marketing fields, with a worldwide range, focusing on intelligent specialisation“, said Corfo.


Claudia Huber, director of Corfo, explained that Peru was selected, because it is positioned as the second biggest destination market of service exports worth US$ 227 million in 2016.

Meanwhile, the USA is positioned as the biggest receptor of Chilean services, with exports worth US$ 271 million in 2016.

“The fishing and aquaculture industry in Peru is currently in development and it is now our chance to offer our services with great added value and broad experience in the sector”, said Huber.

Wilson Martinez worked for 20 years in the Exports Promotion Department, and has a Master’s Degree in Economy. He is currently leading Lorma Consultants, through which he manages the “Exports Node of Aquaculture Services to Peru, Corfo” initiative.


Wilson Martinez, manager of the Node initiative, detailed that the providing companies participating in the project offer mostly environmental, water quality, maintenance and implementation services.

“We could be a very important contribution to Peru. We already have plans to go there and there is a lot of interest in receiving us”, Martinez said. The manager will be in Peru during June, arranging a schedule for aquaculture providers that will travel there in November.

Lastly, Wilson Martinez said: “Development of salmon farming in Chile allows providing companies have an added value in order to participate in Peru”.


The Node will last two years and is funded by Corfo with a $40 million fund.

This initiative contemplates specialised workshops in foreign commerce, international logistics, international business models, and design & exchange of a Manual for Exports and Services.

The main objective of the Node is to have a prospect of the Peruvian market, where market research, and visits to companies and markets will take place, in order for the thirteen companies to have a better look at the prospect. A workshop will also be carried out by the Node.



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