Puerto Varas: BioMar presents an update on recirculation systems in Patagonic RAS.

Chile: a meeting will be held by the different participants in the salmon farming industry, starting at 8:30 AM. The companies attending the meeting are related to fresh water production in this new version of Patagonic RAS, an international conference carried out by BioMar Chile.

More than two thousand people will be attending the second version of Patagonic RAS on Thursday the 5th, where technical, financial and environmental subjects will be presented in a conversational platform, according to what was informed by BioMar through a press release.

“Climate change was one of the subjects that has risen interest in the industry, while the increase of temperature on the surface of the sea is the closest obstacle for salmon farming in the Chilean South, there is also concrete studies and challenges in terms of the quality of hydrological resources for fresh water production; for example, in relation to pattern changes in precipitations and air temperature increase”, said BioMar.


The program starts with speaker Felipe Briceño (NIVA), who will address climate change in relation to RAS. Patrick Dempster from Aquagen will follow with a presentation on genetics. Kim Ekman is the third speaker, together with Kyla Zatti (BioMar) and Marco Rozas (Pathovet). The program will end the morning with a presentation by Vittorio Valdes (Luxmeter) and Astrid Buran (AquaOptima) about recirculation systems.

During the afternoon, the presentations will start with productive projections, through the eyes of a financial consultant, Jan Petter Lindsetmo (DNB), and will continue with different aspects related to production, such as: national and international cases, water quality, productive cycles, denitrification and sea water management. The following subject will be “Lessons learned in Norway: sea water recirculation, bio safety and risks”, which is the main theme during the afternoon, and it will be presented by Astrid Buran, who claims that the strategies to manage sea water in RAS have new challenges that influence the design and infrastructure of fish farms on land, especially those related to bio safety measures.

Patagonic RAS is an initiative launched by BioMar Chile and it was sponsored by DSM, Luxmeter Energy and Steinsvik.

Check the program and profile of the speakers here

Source: https://www.salmonexpert.cl/article/puerto-varas-biomar-presenta-actualizacin-de-recirculacin-en-patagonic-ras/


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