Luxmeter, specialist in the development of technology to illuminate aquaculture crops, joins the project that seeks premium quality crops to make Chile a world leader in the production of this species.

Luxmeter’s iLed technology is officially integrated into the Corvina Aquaculture Diversification Program executed by Fundación Chile and Corfo, for a premium quality production of this species and which aims to be a new export focus and hallmark of the country’s aquaculture production .

During the month of December, Luxmeter signed a collaboration agreement with Fundación Chile and Corfo where it will provide support and resources for the development of the technological program that will include the use of photoperiod lamps for the current plants located on the coast of Iquique and in Tongoy.

The General Manager of Luxmeter, Marco Galaz, valued this initiative stating: “With this type of Alliance, Luxmeter reinforces its commitment to the growth of the national aquaculture industry by putting at its service our 20-year experience and innovation with services and high-quality products that make this type of crop more efficient.”

The Corvina Strategic Technological Program is in its final stages of development, after more than a decade of research regarding the best production areas in the country and working methods. Until now, Fundación Chile already contemplates at least two reproductive seasons a year with 150,000 Corvina juveniles per season for their growth in land or sea farming systems, with Tongoy being a strategic point for their reproduction and pre-fattening.

Likewise, the growth indices have already allowed the passage from a pilot stage to a scaling stage in the fattening process in the sea, with a growth time of the fish to ranges between 1kg-1.5kg in 30 months with a conversion factor less than 1.3 and practically non-existent mortality from diseases, which speaks of a satisfactory adaptation that is consolidated on the coast of Iquique.

A program that is consolidated and that together with Luxmeter, with its experience linked to aquaculture, mainly in the southern part of the country, seeks to accelerate growth processes through submersible lamps that are the best tool to induce photoperiod regimes. artificial in order to increase growth rate, control smoltification, manipulate reproduction and reduce the incidence of early maturation due to decreased melatonin production in light periods.

Corvina is a species native to the Pacific Ocean that occurs between the coasts of Chile and Ecuador thanks to the Humboldt Current and can reach 75 centimeters in length. It is characterized by a grayish-blue color and yellow fins.

Its internalization in international fairs in countries such as Brazil and the United States, have been surprising and with a quality classified as “excellent” with prices between US$9/kg to US$13/kg.


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