Luxmeter introduces brand new lighting software at Aqua Nor

Norway: Lamp Monitor is an electronic device that allows communication up to 20km in range, in order for the user to monitor proper functionality and conditions of the photoperiod lamps in real time.

During this 40th version of Aqua Nor, the national company of lighting solutions Luxmeter, is currently presenting their new remote lamp control software to the audience: Lamp Monitor and Lamp Control.

According to what was explained to Salmonexpert by the general manager of the company, Claudio Steiner, Lamp Monitor is an electronic device which is placed in the fish cages, or farming fish ponds on land, where the photoperiod lamps are installed.

Steiner gave details about the product: “this device has a wireless communication interface that allows communication up to 20km in range, so the user can monitor the functionality and conditions of the photoperiod lamps in real time, indicating failure reports online and generating a historic data base of its performance”.

According to the manager, this is possible because: “the device works with a local software, as well as with a dashboard which is located in our server, so the user can be aware of the status of the fish farm from anywhere in the world. Lamp Monitor also has an extended version called Lamp Power. This device was designed to know in real time the conditions of the engine generator located in the fish farm”.


Within the peculiarities of Lamp Control, Steiner pointed out: “the customer has permanent control over the app, turning it on or off remotely, and therefore, control the failure rate of the lamps”.

Collaborative work

Plany AS is the company in charge of selling Luxmeter products in Norway since 2016, a bond in which Chile provides the technical side, as said by Steiner “even our own engineers had to come and train the Plany staff here.”

In respect to this, the Plany AS CEO, Jan Erik Våge, pointed out to Salmonexpert: “working with Claudio and his team is a very pleasant experience, as well as help them sell their products here in Norway. We know they are a great success in Chile, with their high quality products and a long experience trajectory with customers.”

About the reception of Luxmeter line of products in Norway, Våge said: “I think that these products are well received here, because they all have the highest quality. The development in lighting control makes handling the lamps much easier, which makes them a great company for customers in Norway, so they can use them in their fish cages at sea.”

Lastly and with respect to the fair assistance, the manager of Luxmeter said: “the adventure of being here for three years in a row speaks very highly of our company; we have been pursuing an international career for years. What is most relevant today for Luxmeter is to constantly keeping on transferring technology abroad.”



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