Luxmeter Energy obtained quality and safety certifications.

Chile: the company successfully circumvent the external audit process in their factory, as well as in their customers’ salmon farming centres.

Luxmeter Energy received recently the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007. These certifications are international regulations for quality management, safety and sanitary procedures in the work place, which can be added to the other certificates already owned by the company: IP 68 and CE European electrical regulations.

According to the details given by Luxmeter, these two new certifications are applicable to all kinds of organisations and in any segment, which allows a company to demonstrate commitment towards quality, sanitary processes and safety at the work place, taking the company to a continuous path of improvement.

This way, the company certified the complete photoperiod process, which includes: commercialisation, production, maintenance and installation of submarine LED lamps. The implementation and certification process lasted roughly a year and it was carried out by Bureau Veritas Agency.



According to Francisco Muñoz, administration and project manager of Luxmeter Energy: “since the last version of the ISO 9001 regulations, launched in September of 2015, we have incorporated new quality requirements, risk identification and contingency plans to avoid or stop risks”.

Likewise, regulation OHSAS 18001:2007 is applicable to health hazards, safety in the work place and risks regarding organisation management that might have an impact in its operations, as well as being able to control these risks easily.

The certification process consisted of an evaluation of the work done in Luxmeter, by external inspectors, inside the factory as well as inside the customers’ salmon farming centres, which was successful.

“The aforementioned is in regard to our commitment as an organisation to improve internal processes and achieve the highest standards in quality and safety for our collaborators. This certification highlights the company’s search to carry out their work with excellence, ethics, responsibility and work place safety”, said Muñoz.

Lastly, the manager pointed out: “this goal would not have been possible without the support of all the people that are part of this company, who provided knowledge, time, effort and dedication, materialising our vision of satisfying our customers’ and collaborators’ aspirations.

Source: https://www.salmonexpert.cl/article/luxmeter-energy-obtuvo-certificaciones-en-calidad-y-seguridad/?fbclid=IwAR27Wv8navvb-VqPv6f3tRAvLpAjhpINsSPpV9s5nmhLlyv7OzVRsdgkgxs


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