Luxmeter Energy installs its first automated photoperiod system.

The first company to adopt this innovation was Marine Harvest Chile, which incorporated it into one of its breeding fish farms.


During 2015, the company Luxmeter Energy Limited began working on the idea of ​​automating the photoperiod, mainly due to the importance it has acquired in improving costs and productive results in the salmon industry.


This is how they first started to develop new LED lamp equipment, which allows remote control and dimming. This equipment is the Luxmeter 600 watt LED lamp (it is also available in 400, 1,000 and 1,600 watts). After this progress, which took them several months to complete, they managed to automate it together with Calimport.


“We are very pleased to announce that we have been able to develop and install the first automatic photoperiod control system in Latin America,” said Luxmeter Energy Limited Operations Manager, Manuel Posada, saying that Marine Harvest was the first company to adopt this innovation, which has incorporated it into one of its breeding fish farms.

According to Posada, the system has had a “very good reception” among salmon farmers and they have already received the inquiries of several companies asking to install it in their fattening or fresh water centres.


More information will be delivered in the AQUA Magazine that will begin to circulate next September and later in the AquaSur International Fair 2016, which will be held between October 19 and 22 in the city of Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region, Chile.



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