After making organizational changes, Luxmeter launched an innovative product that allows lowering the working temperature of LEDs, doubling their useful life in salmon farming.

With the launch of a photoperiod lamp made of Chilean copper, Luxmeter Energy celebrates 20 years as a company dedicated to providing equipment and advice to the aquaculture industry.

Two decades that coincide with the updating of our internal organization and the focus on innovation, with important alliances that have allowed the launch of its 1,000-watt lamp made entirely of Chilean copper and state-of-the-art LED technology, which increases its production by 35%. luminous efficiency and its useful life by more than 50% by lowering the internal working temperature of its LED plates.

This new lamp created by Luxmeter has eight dimmable LED plates manufactured in Japan by the renowned company Nichia Corporation and among its main innovations stands out the 35% increase in the amount of light available for fish, in relation to current LED lamps. used in farms.

“We spared nothing in producing this world-class technology. We are innovating to work with the most efficient lighting in the world with a unique piece of Chilean copper that allows a truly unprecedented temperature exchange for what currently exists and that increases its useful life by 50%”, said Claudio Steiner, director of Luxmeter .

The use of national metal is one of the most important factors, since being a piece manufactured with injection molds avoids the risk of leaks and prevents the adhesion of organic sediments in the lamp at almost zero levels, given the antibacterial characteristics of copper. . In addition, due to these characteristics, it is easily recyclable.

“With great responsibility we can say that we are a mature company and we have the best equipment on the market. We plan to continue accompanying our clients with the conviction of continuing to work long-term with honesty and sacrifice, both in Chile and for the main companies in the world”, Steiner pointed out.

The new photoperiod lamp will be available from this first quarter and in addition to the benefits in its usability and maintenance, it includes an update in the software of the equipment for the optimization and improvement of the life cycles of salmon farming.


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