From Chile: Luxmeter Energy begins to illuminate global salmon farming.

The Chilean company, specialising in the development of LED lamps for photoperiod and fish farming, has started a consistent internationalisation strategy. Its products are already present in Norway, Scotland and Canada, among others.

It is not common for technologies developed in Chile to be demanded by first world nations. But Luxmeter Energy decided to break this paradigm and, since 2016, it is marketing its different models of LED lamps in industries as advanced as the Norwegian, Canadian or Scottish. “The reason is that they deliver very good results and they don’t fail,” confirms the company’s commercial manager, Claudio Steiner.

As in any successful venture, the road has not been easy. “In mid-2014 we started working with LED technology. After much trial and error, we found the ideal configuration. So much so, that we have lamps that have completed three cycles without presenting any issues. In 2016 we carried out 46 projects for Chile,” Steiner acknowledges.

Such has been the quality of its four models (for fresh water and sea water) that in October 2016 the company closed a strategic alliance with the Norwegian company Plany AS, to be its main marketing manager and sales representative for the European market. This ended up giving life to the Plany-Luxmeter Division, which will be in charge of the Old Continent.


As soon as they managed to seal the international alliance, the next step was to be certified under European regulations (EC) for all their technologies, a process that was fulfilled in a short period of time and that, in fact, allowed them to sell their first products as soon as January of 2017 for the “Voldneset” salmon farming centre, owned by the giant company Marine Harvest, located in the Vest Region (Norway). “In this case, it is a configuration of four LED lamps of 600 W Green Colour, where three are 5 meters deep and one is 10 meters deep. The fish cages were 40 meter in diameter”, emphasised the Operations Manager of the Chilean company, Manuel Posada, who said they have already received a new order from the Scandinavian country.

But that is not all. The company that offers LED products in a range of 50-600 W, today is being certified under Canadian regulations, where they are already testing some lamps. The same measures are being taken in Peru and Scotland. Peru has achieved positive results with trout farming. “We have had an excellent response at an international level since, in addition to the low rate of failures that our products have, we provide our customers with the correct information so that the configuration is optimal and the results are as expected. This has been greatly appreciated by our customers,” explains Steiner.

New facilities

Recently, Luxmeter Energy celebrated the inauguration of its new and modern offices in the city of Puerto Montt. It is a 700 m2 building where the company’s management is located, as well as part of the Technical Service Area and a sales room. These, in addition to its traditional facilities located in the city of Quellon (Los Lagos Region) allow them to respond quickly to the needs of its customers on the Island of Chiloe.

However, Luxmeter Energy details that it will continue betting on the development of LED lamps given the lower costs that these technologies are reaching and the greater efficiency and durability they present. In this way, “we will continue to be an ally of excellence so that our costumers increase their competitiveness by achieving healthy rates of mature salmonids close to zero and commercial weight, four months earlier than the usual”, concludes Steiner.

Desde Chile: Luxmeter Energy comienza a iluminar la salmonicultura mundial


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