New Luxmeter Digital Transformation ManagerSpecialization in photoperiod systems is Luxmeter’s main focus for the development of intelligent aquaculture and for this, it added to its ranks the engineer Francisco Arellano, Manager of Digital Transformation of Luxmeter, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. aquaculture, to lead and promote the development of digital technologies of the Chilean company.
New Luxmeter Digital Transformation Manager

Arellano, with experience in companies such as Biomar Chile, Maritech, Best Salmon and Aguas Claras, recognizes that the industry is in a stage of change that can promote high development and process efficiency thanks to the digital transformation made possible by the Internet of Things. Things (IoT in English) with the automation of processes.

In line with this, for the engineer “this is the beginning of a true revolution to automate industrial processes in aquaculture. Normally there are failures that are not visible to the naked eye and that, in order to attend to them, requires great logistical efforts. It is common, for example, for submersible photoperiod lamps to have problems and identifying them involves a difficult process, harming production”.

Among the aspects that Arellano also emphasizes is being able to create solutions that are adapted to the national reality, both climatically and in an easy application to be able to deliver certainty to processes where operational complexity is a crucial point. “It is important to be able to have a map of the status of the operation of the different devices and generate information to work on it”, he indicates.

Aquaculture is one of the largest productive sectors in Chile with a turnover of more than US$4.5 billion and it is an item that at the national level generates less costs than in other countries such as Norway. In this sense, the development of digital solutions can further optimize the evolution of an active sector, but also with many difficulties due to territorial and climatic distances.

“We are aware of being able to deliver grounded and practical solutions, in fact, at Luxmeter, we have software called Lamp Monitor, which is a highly innovative tool to be able to have a planned reaction and serve the farms with information and records available at the level online”, says the specialist, adding that this favors being able to better calculate equipment operation times, anticipate and optimize solutions.

The Luxmeter executive highlights this product as a symbol of the transformations to contribute to aquaculture and photoperiod systems. “Lamp Monitor allows you to optimize resources and react in time, since alarm thresholds are set for the light power delivered, which are reported before the lamps stop producing enough light to make the photoperiod effective. Remotely, it collects key information to anticipate scenarios that can be predictable, such as degradation in the power of the lamps or simply a total failure of the same”, he clarifies.

In order to launch this type of innovation to the market, Luxmeter carried out an internal multidisciplinary project that resulted in the development of a comprehensive and easily adaptable software solution to be incorporated into any center that uses photoperiod lamps. “Currently there is no similar product on the market, Lamp Monitor is tremendously simple to install, versatile and is the best tool available for national salmon farming, compatible with any photoperiod installation,” concludes Arellano.


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