Fish Food producer launches unprecedented training in RAS.

The main value is to work theory and knowledge applied to data and productive records in the salmon farming reality.

From the 9th to the 13th of September, BioMar will organise the first version of the BioMar Training Program, which will give support to technicians and operators linked to salmon farming in aquaculture recirculation systems (RAS). Launched by BioMar Chile, the program has the support of DSM, AquaGen, Luxmeter Energy, Pentair and Veterquimica, and emerges thanks to the dialogue and collaboration between BioMar and a variety of figures linked to salmon farming production in fresh water.

“We have set a goal to increase the quality of the standards in the fish farming industry with recirculation strategies, collaborating with every sector, to give more support for an efficient and sustainable development of salmon farming during this period, and this training program covers that”, said Esteban Parada, fresh water Product Manager of BioMar Chile.

While the handling of knowledge and theoretical concepts around RAS has been thoroughly spread, is necessary to have the right tools and methodology to be applied in daily tasks and provide a more efficient and sustainable development of these productive units. Therefore, the BioMar Training Program will contemplate theoretical courses, as well as applied calculus, which will be useful for technicians and operators to find improvement and solutions to daily challenges.

Water quality, toxicity, design methods, load capacity, flows, sanitary processes, solids, gas transference, bio filters, food, bio safety, instrumentation, bio economy risks and modelling are the items that will be addressed. Through a new kind of methodology that has never been used before in this subject, the participants will be able to apply the internalised methods right away, through calculations and practical testing. The courses will be held by teachers that are experts in a variety of fields: Raul Piedrahita PhD (University of California Davis), German Merino PhD (Universidad Catolica del Norte), Dr. Marcelo Araneda (Benchmark Genetics Chile) and MSc Joel Barraza (Universidad Católica del Norte). Enrolment for this BioMar Training Program is limited and available via e-mail:

“We want this program to be a real contribution to fish farming operations in the recirculating systems area, and we want to make this call to technicians and professional staff that work for our customers, so they can be part of the dialogue and exchange of experiences around specific situations. At BioMar, we are in line with our corporative commitment to be a fundamental link, not only in this industry but also in the development of strategies and solutions to obstacles present in the Chilean fish farming industry, such as environmental, technical or productive problems” said Francisco Valdes, commercial manager of BioMar Chile.

In this sense, the Danish company has the ORBIT diet plan, an exclusive line for production in fresh water through RAS, through a specific formula and inclusion of raw digestible material, reducing the formation of mud and favouring the bio filter and the “make up” of the recirculation system.



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