Exploring Fotoperiod 4.0: Luxmeter's Journey and the Transition to a New Era

In the realm of the new era of Fotoperiod 4.0, we will delve into our history as the pioneering company in Fotoperiod in Chile, and how the journey has been from the early days to a global presence. We also present how Luxmeter’s achievements can significantly enhance your aquaculture.

At the core of aquaculture, Luxmeter stands out as an innovative entity with over two decades of experience. Its history, far from romanticizing, reflects a solid path that has positioned it as the oldest Fotoperiod company in Chile.

From its inception, Luxmeter set out to transform underwater lighting for the salmon industry. Every step, from the early days to today, has been a constant advancement towards excellence.

With pride, Luxmeter has produced over 75,000 lamps in 22 years, highlighting quality and innovation. Its narrative goes beyond local production, reaching 10 countries and demonstrating its commitment to excellence.

From Canada to Australia, Luxmeter has illuminated not only Chilean waters but also international fish farms, reflecting the quality of its products and global commitment.

What is Fotoperiod 4.0?

Fotoperiod 4.0 marks a milestone by incorporating advanced and intelligent technologies in production. This breakthrough is achieved through the essential use of internet applications. Digital integration is based on technological advances in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, data analysis (Big Data), and the Internet of Things.

So, how does Luxmeter benefit aquaculture?

Its two patents demonstrate its innovative approach, and accumulated experience translates into solutions beyond lighting.

Luxmeter’s promise is clear: lighting that not only meets standards but redefines them. The benefit of using Luxmeter lamps lies in boosting fish growth, minimizing costs, and contributing to sustainability. Each lamp, patent, and milestone from Luxmeter sets a standard for the industry.

Are you ready to be part of this story? Throughout our posts, you’ll discover how Luxmeter can take your aquaculture to new horizons.


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