BioMar Chile will carry out a course about recirculating systems.

Chile: an event that will count with national and international speakers, and will approach in an intensive way the different aspects of RAS systems, how they work and how they must be installed for optimal fish farming.

We are convinced that the future of the salmon farming industry is the aquaculture recirculation system (RAS). Therefore, between the 9th and 13th of September, BioMar will carry out “BioMar Training Program”: Courses in Applied Recirculation”, an intensive course that will cover in an integral manner, all the components for a better planning, design, installation and functionality of all these systems.

“This course will have an innovative approach, meaning, we will have a biomass to produce and for this effect we will provide the theoretical aspects and respective calculations, going through densities, load capacity, production and gas treatment, piping and water pumps, production costs and bio economic modelling, among other things, in order to allow a united development of information”, said Victor Vidal, SW technical assistance of BioMar, the company behind this event.

In regard to monitoring and controlling the system’s parameters, which will be a subject in this course, Vidal points out that many of the variables handled in RAS are measures done in real time, depending on the instrument: “However, there is very little analysis related to this, which will limit the capacity of the infrastructure or even being able to anticipate risks. On the other hand, we only observe intense RAS lectures, that never delves into the quantitative aspects, which I think is fundamental”.

The course participants will receive a participation certificate, as well as having the possibility of getting credit for a postgraduate degree at Universidad Catolica del Norte, in case of meeting some academic requirements.


German Merino Araneda PhD, associate professor, Aquaculture Department, Faculty of Maritime Science, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Chile

Raul Piedrahita, emeritus professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of California at Davis, California, USA

Dr. Marcelo Araneda, chief of data analysis and data control department, Benchmark Genetics Chile

MSc (c) Joel Barraza, assistant professor, Aquaculture Department, Faculty of Maritime Science, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Coquimbo, Chile

Friendly with the environment

In regards to being asked to carry out these types of activities, the SW technical assistant of BioMar said the following: “our commitment to the environment is very important. Therefore, we support this and other activities with the same objective. In reality, fresh water that is adequate for fish farming is rather scarce and we need to give back used water that must be in better or equal condition to the water that entered the farms in the first place. Due to this and other reasons we, as food providers, must work along our customers towards sustainability for the industry, where RAS is a fundamental factor”.

Despite all seats being sold out, the organising company explained that they are requesting all experts to allow more participants per lecture. This will be promptly confirmed.

The sponsors for this event are: Veterquimica, Pentair, DSM, Luxmeter and Aquagen. Meanwhile, Salmonexpert will be the media partner for BioMar Chile during this recirculation system course.



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